Fogelholm family

Fogelholm family
@bout me
Name: Nicolas Karl-Gustav Fogelholm
Date of birth: 1971
Profession: Web Developer/Project Manager
Location: Helsinki, Finland



This is our family. No dog – just a Wolkswagen Variant…

This is what I like:
-My Friends and Family
-Ramones to Classical music
-Old american cars
-Our Summer Place

A short CV

My company N Fogelholm Oy develops and maintains web sites. This is something that started as a hobby. Well I guess it still is.

I have a full-time work as a web developer and project manager. In the beginning I was able to cover my hosting and ISP costs with the revenue from my “hobby” sites. Now they also give some extra on top of that.

Some of my web sites:
About Nokia – The name should say it all… – Fishing site. Photos, reviews, discussion and news. – Nokia ringtones, wallpapers, games, phones… idn live

In finnish:
Optimointi – Search engine marketing and online business blog – Fishing site – About Nokia phones

!!! I´m always open to business proposals, please contact if you have something in mind.

If you like to write for the web, but have no technical or marketing experience I can help you to get started. The consept is always a win-win deal if done right. I supply you with the web site and the marketing consept and you write good contetn and together we share the income. The topic can be anything, but my focus has been mobile and tech oriented sites. slot gacor

I primarly use search engine marketing when promoting the web sites. Site revenue consists of mobile phone content sales, Google Adsense and other affiliate programs.

Chitika Internet Ads
Hot stuff at the moment. Chitika ads are a good revenue source and complement Google Adsense ads in many ways. oxplay

What is a Splog?
“Splog” is short for Spam Blog and Spam blogs are blogs that do not provide any real content for users. They exist to game the search engines. As an example splogs may exist just to have links to other web sites or, they may have ads on the blog itself. The content on splogs are auto-generated, either from an another source or a list of useless keywords or links.

It is important that we keep these spammers away from the internet. You can help by reporting Splogs and other spammers to some official resources. If you see a spam page with ads you just have to mail the company that serves the ads and inform about that spammy site.

If you see a spam site with Google adsense ads report that to google adsense!

You can file an anonymous spam report that will get to the quality team for checking. To file a report, you simply go to the page that is showing AdSense ads and click on the “Ads by Google” (or “Ads by Goooooogle”) link. In the form on the next page, include the term “spamreport” and put in a short reason about why you feel the site is violating the AdSense terms or policies. slot88

Save Bandwith
If you have a high traffic web site or blog and often use pictures you can save a lot of bandwith by optimizing your pics.

I use Adobe Image Ready for optimizing pictures for my web sites. Image Ready isn´t the cheapest photo editor and if you only need it for optimizing pictures something cheaper or even a free editor will do fine.

Use Tucows or some other well known download site to find a suitable image editor. Make shure the software is for making pictures for the web and that it has the optimizing function (that makes smaller sized images).

Make money from your web site
This is what you need if you would like earn money from your web site or blog:
-Traffic and visitors
-Income generators (ads, affiliate programs etc.)

Is it really that simple? Yes and no. Getting traffic and visitors to your site takes time. To get visitors to your site you need knowledge of things like search engine optimization and other web marketing techniques. And displaying ads or running affiliate programs is not just signing up for them and putting ads somewhere on your site.

I believe itīs possible to make money from blogging and some people will even get rich on doing so. Blog millionares and oil millionares…It takes time and hard work.

And do not forget that content is king! Write interesting articles and take time to focus on your text. If people like what you write they will come again.

Mobile Friendly Web Pages
I am planning to work on a mobile version on some of my cell phone realted pages. I´m newbie in this are so please let me know if you have any good advice were to start.

I need the real basics – Can I use XHTML, what´s that Flash Lite etc. Send me comments or good resource links.